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May 2022: Anticipating New Heights

The beginning of May arrived with excited anticipation as the image of a page-turning was given to me and I knew a shift and a new chapter was about to begin. I seem to get ahead of the timing and thought that May meant the chapter was now but as I recall this month and its events I know it was just a GOD wink, saying it is right around the corner.

This GOD wink was echoed as we started the month off by hosting a day of fun for the Ukrainian refugees that still remained here, hoping to bring joy as they waited for the next chapter's arrival. It was a day of face painting, food, sun, pinatas, and bouncy castles, where many got to see the love of GOD to give them joy and rest even at the worst of times

School was a blast! The first weeks of May were filled with our kids learning to fly kites, and watching them rise high every recess at the start of May. It was so fun and cute to watch them run trying to launch their kites. No matter how high they flew they were filled with laughter and joy. Most of our kites were up for only a few minutes, but they never gave up trying again. Their perseverance and dedication to not give up were rewarded with new heights, that they never would have reached if they didn’t keep trying, running, and daring to launch. Teaching the kids how to fly kites helped me hear GOD echoing newness is right around the corner, but with a lesson that we need to dare to keep perseverance, running, and daring to risk launching to see the newness before us.

School ends in just a few more weeks and I know all of us, staff and students are so ready for newness and the break. We are tired, but keep persevering in anticipation of new heights, and joy. But for now, Here Is Holy. Here is where every moment is cherished as time passes. Here is where I teach 22 classes a week. Here is where I get to laugh, fight for and be with and watch those I have poured so much into and fallen in love with, grow, and simply be. Here is where I get to speak life, value, and do/work through life together with “my kids”. I am cherishing these last moments yet hopeful for new ones.

The kids are super excited as we started getting ready for our art show at the end of June! They will be showcasing their masterpieces for this year and our grade 6-12 class will be selling their art. Each class is also preparing a musical piece which they will perform on that night. It has been a long month of glass-breaking whistle notes as we have learned to play tin whistles and many sore fingers as we learned to play guitar. But I’m happy to announce we actually made music last week! Woohoo! They are starting to play their musical pieces well and are starting to sound beautiful. Later in the month, I will be posting an official invitation and information sheet that our 6-12 class is designed to include you all.

Some fun highlights of this month were…

  1. School trip to the farm! We fed, held lots of animals, and also learned how to make bricks out of mud and straw.

  2. Definitely Kite Flying. <3

  3. After School Art

  4. Mothers Day gifts

  5. The boys from all grades started playing Blayblades together. It's really funny and cute how seriously they take this game

  6. Ukrainian refugee fun day

  7. Climbed a mountain

Some GOD moments from this month were…

  1. Several students from grades ½’s started to hear from GOD. They started to encounter him for themselves, and take action.

  2. Got to learn and help my students shift their expectations from completion to quality and purpose. (Ex. “We did the lesson but failed to understand. We have a lot to do so we should move on but instead, we will pause and try again, because the goal is learning not getting the work done.”) In this, they learned to invest and value themselves over what they are expected to do or can do. This has helped improve our work and self-image.

  3. Students learned the Father's heart about forgiveness and were able to forgive themselves and others for offense or at least learn about it.

Can't wait to see what next month holds. Blessings

Prayer requests:

1) Students' energy/focus abilities, and good health

2) Our staff to be able to give as much as we did at the beginning of the year to end it well.

3) Success for our art show

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