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Joyful, Restful & Restorative: July 2022

At the beginning of July, I saw a picture of a girl looking upward with her eyes closed in still waters only illuminated by the light of anointing rising off of her and the reflection of a cross. The words that were spoken in this picture were “Restoration and Rest”.

Rest sounded amazing after working 60-70hrs a week for the last few months, so I was able to take 2 weeks off. The first week was busy, full of special events. I celebrated with my friends as they graduated from their 9-month bible school and I got to attend

the most beautiful wedding for my friends Nikita and Claire Kotlov. Both events were joyous events where tears were shed and laughter was a part of every moment. I especially was filled with so much joy as I shared in the joy of Nikita and Claire, as every part of their wedding was a reflection of…

Psalm 35:27

“Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth; Break forth and sing for joy and sing praise.”

Shouts of joy were heard from start to finish. The first shouts of joy were heard as the beautiful Claire, looking like a Disney princess walked down the aisle laughing loud and smiling brightly. They continued as jokes were made throughout the ceremony stopping a few times as we all shared laughter, shouts of joyous victory were shouted by the couple as they held hands with their hands raised as they were announced, husband and wife. The joy continued throughout the night as we dance, watched the bridal party play soccer and the bride (in her dress!) and the groom scored a team goal together before finally sending them off with beautiful sparklers. It was truly a day that captures the word joy.

The rest of the month was restful as I got a week off to house sit for another two of my friends getting married, right before I started work again. For the summer I have taken over helping run of cafe “Hope Cafe”. This includes scheduling, management, cleaning, register prep, etc, alongside two other amazing leaders who are helping also.

Since I was small I always wanted to serve people coffee, my grandparents would serve it in our church and I always said to myself that I would one day take over their job, I didn’t but in a way, GOD still honored that gift to me. Hope Cafe is my favorite place to be on our base and my 2nd favorite ministry. When I first came to this base for school I would always do my homework in the cafe and start my days here with a devotional as the delicious smell of coffee, natural light, soft/ lofty music, and warmth are the perfect start to the day. Since the beginning, I have absolutely loved our cafe and have done everything I can to make sure I have been a part of it. During the school year, I work a few times a week in the cafe, organizing, serving coffee, doing displays, and each month updating our boards. Now that it is summer I am in the cafe every day and it has brought me so much joy, and a restful environment to work in as I lesson plan for the next school year.

I am so excited to start school and I already miss my students but am blessed to occasionally see them around the base. This coming school year I will continue to teach grade 1-12 art, where we will be learning my favorite art history period The Renaissance (1200-1600), or what I like to call “The ninja turtles art period”. I call it this because we will be learning about Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino, Donatello (Donato di Niccolo di Betto Bardi), and Michelangelo Di Lodovici alongside other artists like El Greco, Donato Bramante. While we learn about each artist we will be studying drawing techniques, painting and also learning how to do some sculpting, incorporating the Mexican pottery styles. Needless to say, I am extremely excited for our visual arts class and just as excited as we will also be learning dance this year!

This month has truly been a blessing full of rest, and joy, but the biggest blessing I received this month followed the word Restoration. Certain things GOD has spoken to me that I thought were dead and gone returned, confidence was restored, my love for many things but most of all my family. After 2 years I finally restore back to my family. My Mom and Sister came down and visited me for a week, arriving late on July 31st. Their visit is why this blog post is a week late as I was spending time with them all week. We rented a nice Air BnB off base and spent the time resting, sightseeing, and Exploring as I took them around the area. It was a week of laughter, rest, reconnection, healing, fun, and love. I am so grateful and beyond blessed to have gotten to see and be with them again, it felt like a

part of me returned.

August is a month of focus as, I am in full swing back into school, setting up the classroom, teacher meetings, lesson planning for art, and grade 5 math along with other things it will be a great month.

Thank you again for your support, I hope you’re enjoying your summer and it is blessed.

Prayer requests

  • Creative/Efficient/Effective lesson plans that are fun, engaging, and suitable for every age style

  • Good time management and focus

  • Healing for my dad (he is very sick and has been in and out of hospitals with no answers)



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