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Dear Satan

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

You really had me. I believed everything you told me, I accepted everything you did to me. You really had me defeated and I let you, I fell helpless to you. You stole my identity, hope, joy, health, peace, clarity, voice, power, authority, confidence, relationships, innocence, faith, dreams, and vision. I even worshipped you. You trained me well. I looked closely and learned how it all worked, I learned your secrets and was trained how to steal, kill and destroy. I was the best assassin, disguised and no one knew, a wolf in sheep's clothing and I didn't even know it. I even did your work for you. I stole from myself, I tried to kill and destroy myself. You must have been so proud of the girl you broke, destroyed, and molded to look just like you, as you held her captive in chains.

I understand now why you used chains. See I met someone, He is strong and powerful and He makes me feel alive, He showed me the truth. He sees me, He loves me and He doesn't keep me in the dark or chains. He is alive, love and light. He rescued me from you but you really did a doozy on me. Even when I was no longer in your hands, I still was under the influence of the scars you left on me. It's taken a lot of time, a lot of pain, a lot of healing, a lot of anger, but He never gave up on me, and now you have no hold on me. He did that too.

What you used to kill me taught me how you think. The darkness, the demons you showed me, made me seek and not be afraid of, big mistake. You thought you had me but now I know all the back doors and I'm not afraid to enter them. I'm not afraid to face you. You taught me the way you operate and I brought it to Him and He showed me taught me how to use all this to bring life. What you sent to destroy me, only made me stronger as He turned it into a weapon in my hands. The wounds that you left bleeding He healed and turned into medicine to heal others. You taught me to steal but He taught me to fight and steal back. He turned everything you meant for evil into good. My whole life, before I even breathed my first breath you have tried to kill me, but before the battle even started you already lost. He defeated you, He destroyed you. The battle began before I existed, but today I'm no longer going to watch it be fought. Today with this letter and His power I join the battle and declare war against you.

I was always a warrior, I was always powerful and that is why you had to keep me in so many chains. You knew that I would be a powerful weapon after all I was made to reflect Him. You knew that once I broke free of you and finally saw the light, the truth I would destroy you with that light. I was never yours, I never belonged to you, you simply stole, conditioned, destroyed, and hide me. But I know who I am now, your worst nightmare.

I have written all this to say this. I am a skilled trained warrior set to steal, kill and destroy you. I will use all you taught me but His way. I won't use those back doors I know about though, I will simply knock at your front door, and when you answer I will enter when the sun is highest because I don't need to come in like a thief in the night. I am not like you, I am like Him. I will take back all you stole from me. I will kill all your hopes and dreams of ever winning, of ever having me again, or those I love. I will destroy your plans, your traps and I will set people free. Releasing more people from the chains you hold them in. I'll win too but how will I do all this? After all, I was too weak to do anything by myself. I'm not waging war alone. I will win because my GOD, My Father, My Savior, My Love lives in and through me and it is by His power, His knowledge, His love, His way I will win.

You don't deserve this letter. You don't deserve one ounce of my attention. I am writing this letter to you so that others may know they too can declare war on you and not be afraid. With this letter, I take back the authority and power you stole from me in the name of Jesus Christ. I was made for such a time as this. Prepare to lose everything. Your time is up. May you pay and be destroyed for all you've done by His hands.

Your worst nightmare, Warrior Princess of Jesus Christ.


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