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Dare to say "Yes"

Where will you serve and what ministry will you be part of? These are the first questions you consider when you decided to be a missionary. There are many different ministries and needs to serve.

Do you want to work with children? What kind of children?; Orphans?, Local community?, Endangered children? Church kids ministries?

Do you want to work in prisons? Being a guard?, Cleaning?, Counseling?, Being an ear? Teaching?

Maybe you want to work at rehabilitation centers? Will you work in addictions? If so what kind? Drugs? Sex? Anger? Mental health? etc.

Do you want to work in schools? What kind of schools? Public? Christian? High-schools? Ministry teaching schools, such as the Bible, teaching the bible, counseling, art, etc? What impact do you want to make?

Perhaps you want to help the poor, how? Do you want to build houses? Homeless shelters? Provide food? Watch kids? Raise support? Bring games to them? Bring schooling?

Work in hospitality cleaning and preparing to serve all? Perhaps you would prefer the kitchen?

Medical? Law Enforcement?

Are you qualified? Do you have what it takes? Do you know where GOD is calling you? Will go say yes to trying even if you don't?

I am unqualified but He qualifies me. Not just by saying I am qualified but by growing me, teaching me things that I would know and more if I had done what it take to be qualified. When I said yes to missions, to Mexico, I was and in some ways still am qualified. I didn't know or speak any Spanish, but in only 1 1/2 years I am working towards fluency, almost there! I didn't know the culture but I could explain it to you now because it has become my own in a way. I didn't have the money, but GOD provided it. I had never left my own country before, been on a plane, and the farthest away I had been from home was 8hrs for a 4-day school trip, but GOD called me and in one yes, I have been on a plane 3 times, traveled around Mexico and moved here permanently for now.

When I said yes to my calling I was unqualified. I did not go to school for teaching, I have no degree, just life experience in art, children, and management. I didn't know anything about teaching, how to structure and run a class, how to teach all types of learners at once, make a lesson, etc but He taught me how. I now know how to make effective interactive fun lesson plans that are suitable for all learning styles, I have structured my classes, made tones of lesson plans, and have taught others to as well. I had never taught before, but I now teach 18 successful classes each week, 15 math

classes, and 3 art classes. I have no degree but I wrote and made a whole music and art curriculum for grades 1-12 where I am the only one working in that field. I didn't know how to reach each age group but I now know how to manage, engage and understand my student's developmental stages and needs. I didn't know how to work with special needs students but I work with them every day, absolutely adoring them, and celebrating their growth and progress. I am a good teacher. I do not say this based on my own opinion because daily I struggle with that sentence because I know I can be better and I want to grow to be so. But my peers who have degrees, and years of experience, consistently say "you are a good teacher". Parents and students say"you are a good teacher", and GOD tells me "you are a good teacher".

How? How did I manage to do all this? I am not qualified by the world's standards, and honestly, I couldn't but GOD could and He did. GOD isn't of this world and He qualifies those He calls, I am living proof of this truth where I consistently witness Him prove to me and others we are qualified not because of us or our capabilities but simply because He said so, and makes us so.

All it takes is a yes. Yes even if (situation, weakness, fear, pain, damage, lack, doubt). Yes, I will step out in faith onto stormy waters in the belief GOD will make me walk on water, He will use me. Yes to Him.

So where is GOD calling you? Will you risk saying yes? What's the worst that could happen? What is the best? Will you trust Him, I promise He won't let you drown.

Dare to say yes in the face of your no.

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