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(1COR 16:14)

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Outreach is normally a short-term mission trip with a group of people. I have had the privilege to go on outreach and this is that story. Read and see the cool, powerful adventure GOD called us too and what lives where transformed. 


News Letters/ Mission Updates

Image by Scott Webb


Know GOD and make Him known.
Engage a broken world with the love of GOD,
In love, through love, for love.

To love is to willingly lay down one's life for another, it is a sacrifice but also a gift to love and be loved. Jesus came to us as a living sacrifice, willingly laying down His life for us simply because He loves us. This sacrifice is the ultimate form of love that we cannot earn yet He gives it to us as a gift. A gift that is easy to accept and the most powerful, life-changing gift anyone can ever receive.


This love is what I desire to live out, experience, and bring to others each day because I know it to be real, true, and perfect. I have personally been transformed by this love, from a person who could have been called the definition of a broken thunderstorm to someone who is a bright clear, calm day. I know its power and I want to help others know it too.

My heart is to be a calm, stable, gentle, loving, understanding, strong, patient, giving, faithful person to all those I come in contact with. Meeting them where they are without judgment, but understanding, compassion, and loving them for who they are, while helping them see who GOD calls them to be. Bringing the gospel not only through words but actions, relationships, and transforming lives.

I am currently living out this mission as a full-time missionary in Tijuana, Mexico.

Check out my active ministries below and tune in each month for an update on the amazing works GOD and our community are doing.

I would love to partner with you to bring the world the love of GOD in missions.

If you would like to partner with me and join my team in this mission I would be blessed to know, have, and work with you. 

Please send me an email to the email listed below or for more info and ways to be involved please head over to contact me for more information on how you can join me and my mission in Mexico.


I look forward to building a relationship with you and advancing the kingdom together! 

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