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Knowledge equals power and to be seen is to have value. This is how the world operates, those who have knowledge have more opportunities for success and power over your own life, and those who see themselves and are seen are given more value. But what happens when you never get that opportunity? What happens when you never where taught how to see yourself, how others see you. how GOD sees you? What happens if you never are given the choice to gain knowledge?


Industria is a ministry I partner with and we focus on giving those opportunities to young people who have had a lack of or have never received these opportunities.


I partner in a section of this ministry where I along with a few other women build a safe, fun environment for girls from our poor communities, where we learn, play games, listen, value and see one another. In this ministry we learn about GOD, each other and ourselves. 


 I have the privilege's to share my love and knowledge of art to these bright girls, teaching them all about the realm of art. My goal is to give these young ladies a safe environment where they are free to explore, see themselves, while we learn and make art, Build healthy lasting relationships, rooted in GOD.

Collaboration Mural

Teaching art to our communities has been a constant battle, us on one side and covid on another. Unfortunately, covid seems to win more than we do, as we constantly have to skip a week due to the risk of everyone's health. But a war won is not one battle won but many small battles and we are determined to win.

This is a picture of a week we won that battle and enjoyed learning about warm and cool colors as well as the different categories of shape. Each student made two art pieces, choosing a catagory of shape and either cool or warm colors to make that category, then doing the other one is the remaining colors and shapes. In the end, we put them all together to make a beautiful mural. 


Starting Out.

Not too long ago I had the privilege's to join this ministry, and join some amazing women who have created such a fun, safe environment that is so full of GOD love, life and fun.


I have only been apart of this ministry as their official art teacher for 2 weeks but having a class every week with these sweet, kind, funny young ladies is definitely a highlight of my week.


This is the results of our first art project. So many young artists can't wait to see them all grow and grow with them!

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