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Right On Time

My first house build was last December 2020 and I will never forget as we pulled up to the property where we would build the house and I could not see a shelter or home anywhere. 

As we went around saying our names and where we were from I got to meet the beautiful family of 4. 2 young adults a 3 year old and a 2-3 month old baby. 

As we set to work I couldn't help but wonder where was their home? This was the only property they owned. All that the property contained was the concrete box where we were building the house and a pile of garbage and worn wood. It was then I was told that the pile of damaged wood to the left side of their house was their house. It had broken and been blow apart last night.


Most house builds take 2 days but after learning that not a single person was left untouched and shocked. The seriousness and desperation of these people became reality. You always see the needy on t.v but in a world where it doesn't effect you it is so easy to left unmoved, but when its right in front of you you cannot help but me moved.

Those people became our family members. We worked fast and hard just to make sure they had a place to hide from the cold of the night. Most people think Mexico is warm but to my surprise it gets very cold and with 2 very young children and 3 blankets I couldn't imagine.

Right on time. If we had showed up a day later who knows if they would have gotten sick, but GOD knew. People always say GOD has perfect timing but this was the first time I saw that. 

I will never forget that day as the family worked hard with us and after 2 days we handed this brave, strong family the keys to their new home. Filled with all the things they needed to actually live. Something so little like a clean blanket meant so much. Not a face was dry after we watched them cry and jump for joy.


I thank GOD for that day. It knocked my pride down, showed me the beauty of the poor and gave me such a love and compassion for them. What a blessing to be a blessing.

Everyone deservers the right to have a home, and sadly there are thousands of people without homes. If we all worked together we could fix that. You could help give someone that blessing.

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