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Bible Study!

Hello! My name is Destiny and I am a missionary in Mexico, who is apart of an amazing organization called Y.W.A.M (Youth With A Mission). When I came to YWAM I never knew how much I would fall in love with GOD and His word. With YWAM I have attended University of the Nations where I have taken their intense course DBS. (Discipleship bible school) This is a university course where we studied the entire bible in only 3 months, going deep into historical context, who GOD is, what GODs character and nature is, how to lead bible study and the big picture of the books of the bible.

During this school I fell in love with the bible as I learned about the truth of the things written within, regarding some very big questions. Some of those big questions I went looking for were..

Who really is GOD?

Does GOD discriminate and hate people?

Why did so many die?

Why not step in and stop things?

Why is their pain and suffering?

Why does He love me? and more.

I got the answer to my questions and many more but there is still so much!

I had never read the bible before this school and honestly didn't know how. Now that I have completed this school I want to share what I learnt and help you learn to read the bible for yourself so you too may come to your own conclusions and get answers to those big questions. Plus I feel like I need to reread it all again.

This space I have dedicated to doing just that. I will post guided reading schedules, reflection questions and historical context to help you start your journey through the word of GOD an adventure that will change your life. 


So ready to start? Scroll down and lets read together, 

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Come back at the end of each week for some cool facts to enhance your reading!

Lets Read Together!
What To Look For While Reading...

Abraham and Issac
Noahs Ark
Fruit Tree

Book 1: Genesis

Reading List:  To Be Announced
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Adam and Eve
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